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AoxomoxoA – what is it?

If you’ve been in kiting for a little while, you’ve probably heard the term “AoxomoxoA” (loosely pronounced ox-om-ox-owa) from kiting old-timers or as a vague reference in forum posts, this was probably first seen as the title of the Grateful Dead’s 3rd album but was later adopted by an early generation of hard core kiters […]

North American Buggy Expo (NABX 2012)

On the edge of Las Vegas lies the Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed, home to the North America Buggy Expo; an event that has been running in various forms since the early 90’s. Kiters from far and wide converged on this patch of desiccated hard pack the first week of April to set records, elevate their […]

Kite Purity Test

This was first published in rec.kites back in Christmas 1996. It has been updated slightly. It is modelled shamelessly on the alt.*** purity test. Score one point if you: Can recognise the difference in the sound of your sewing machine as the lower bobbin is running out of thread Can say “kite” in 5 different […]

Issue 49: Nordic Kite Meeting

Thursday May 25th Beeeeep, beeeeep, beeeep, beeeep!!! With the sound of the alarm clock’s wake up call still lingering in my ears I kind of sleep walked into the shower too early trying to wake up after a few very hectic days. Suddenly I realised why the alarm clock was set to go off this […]

Issue 4: Best of Rec.Kites

Written by John Doe Welcome to The Best Of REC.KITES! We are attempting to extract the best postings from our favorite newsgroup and publish them here for your convenience. We will be experimenting with the format and presentation so please be patient with us. Your suggestions are always welcome. Rod Thrall Steve Rezac Tanya Adams […]

Issue 2: View from the Rear

Buggies – A Novice’s Odyssey Things I learned in my rookie year as a buggy pilot. Many of you out there are probably a lot like me; you love flying kites but have never had the chance to try buggying. You skip over every thread on the subject of buggying and traction kites in the […]

Issue 1: Novice Class

Initial Greetings Thank you for stopping by the novice’s corner. This purpose of this column is to provide information to individuals who are new to the sport and recreation of kiting. Please note that I said sport AND recreation of kiting. First and foremost, flying kites should be FUN! However, there is a competitive side […]


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