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Submission Guidelines

In many cases it is the newest fliers and contributors who bring our pages to life, with the freshness and insight they have as newcomers to kiting.

E-mail all submissions to

Please take a moment to read through the guidelines below.


We would love to publish your best kiting photos....

All photos must be in JPG, GIF or PNG format. Please submit no more than 5 pictures with each e-mail submission, preferably in ZIP file(s).

Photos should be full resolution (1000px or larger), without watermarking, etc... We do all resizing and watermarking in-house, to meet the needs of each article for our web site layout.

Although not required, we'd generally like to see 10-40 pictures/images with each article submitted for publication, particularly with event reports.

By submitting photos, you are attesting that you are the owner of the images and no copyrights are being infringed... If you are not the owner of the images, please verify permission to use them, and include the photographer's name with your article for watermarking purposes.

If you have prints that you would like to submit, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope, we will digitize the photos that we select for publication... While we'll try to return any originals sent to us, we cannot guarantee it.


Editorial submissions are always welcome. We request an inquiry letter prior to submitting articles, outlining the general topic you have in mind. This is designed to prevent overlap and wasted time on your part.

A few suggested topics...

  • Interviews / Profiles
  • Event Reports (past events)
  • Press Releases (upcoming events)
  • Regular Columns
  • Photo Galleries

If you have an idea for something not listed, just let us know... Be sure to consider mentioning any event/project sponsors, volunteers and other individuals who may have helped make an event possible.

We are especially interested in event coverage, particularly so for non-USA events. We can never get enough international news!

Feel free to browse our archives, particularly the latest issues, for inspiration or examples of articles we've published in the past.

If you practice a kiting discipline that you feel is not adequately covered in Kitelife, submit an article and pictures!


Preferred format for editorial submissions is in DOC (MS Word), RTF (Rich Text Format) or TXT files. The suggested minimum length for articles is 800 words, and preferably not more than 5000 words, please use your best judgement. Use your spell/grammar checker, keep the workload as light as possible for our wonderful copy editor.

In all cases, keep formatting (colors, etc) to a minimum.

If you would certain photos placed with specific paragraphs within your article, please include tags such as this wherever you would like:

<<imagename.jpg - caption>> Mr/Ms Doe did a wonderful job of demonstrating this and that, especially on Sunday when thousands of spectators stopped to watch the presentation... Our hats off to him/her!

If you area first time contributor to Kitelife, please include a personal bio approximately 25-45 words in length, and feel free to include a URL to your own personal site.

Also, please let us know if you will be sending your submission to any other kiting publications... We do like to avoid running the same feature articles as another publication whenever possible, it can be quite embarrassing.


We publish Kitelife Magazine bi-monthly, on the 1st day of every even-numbered month, for a total of six issues per year.

For content to be considered for Kitelife, it must be received by the 15th of any odd-numbered month, giving us time to process it for our new issue.

This is important to note if your material is time-senstive, like a pre-event promotional article for example.

Our specific deadlines are as follows:

Jan 15th
Mar 15th
May 15th
Jul 15th
Sep 15th
Nov 15th

If submitted material is received after any of these dates, it will still be considered for the following issue of Kitelife.

    Snail Mail Address

1236 N Killingsworth St #3
Portland, OR 97217 USA

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